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Training Details 2023


The Five Modules

The Field Facilitator Training consists of 5 in-person, week-long modules (250 hours) and an online trauma-informed educational program (100 hours) taking place April - December 2023

Module 1

“Awakening the Soul Gift of the Facilitator”

With facilitator Dr. Andrea Paige

April 10-16, 2023


  • Sharing yourself with the world through Group Facilitation & Public Speaking.
  • What is your soul essence and unique transmission to the world?
  • Walking through your fears and resistances: You will never meet your light until you have embraced your shadows.
  • Reflecting on what we are doing here personally and globally in Business & Marketing.
  • Marketing, venue choice, sales, and calling in the right participants.
  • How to uplevel humanity through Embodiment and Health.
  • Your story has created you: Arc of deep self-inquiry and understanding.
  • Keeping humor alive: The ability to self-reflect in laughter.
  • Finding your Goldilocks fit: What scale do you want to create impact on?
  • How your personal life choices will impact your facilitation?
  • Your voice: What it reveals, how to access, improve and modulate.
  • The human nervous system: How to facilitate the nerves, not the mind.
  • Finding your Soul purpose/unique path using Shamanic Astrology as a tool for self knowing.

Module 2

“Landing & Opening the Group Heart”

With facilitator David Cates

June 5-11, 2023


  • Opening through the body to your soul, where the naked heart, inspiration and creativity live.
  • Learn how to use your own body in service of the emergent form of the group heart.
  • What does it take to bring a group into resonant presence?  
  • What is a group heart field and how to work with it?
  • How do you transmit the love you are through your facilitation?
  • The fundamentals (and secrets) of leading a Belly2Belly practice.
  • The tools and techniques that help our animal bodies to relax and human hearts to open.
  • How to guide others to meet and connect in the present moment?
  • How to fully embody the love that you are at the deepest level, and transmit that to others.
  • How to simplify, deepen, and amplify the work you’re already doing in the world through understanding the language of The Field.
  • How to read “The Field” and listen to the subtle dimensions coming through one or more nervous systems.

Module 3

“Stepping into Collective Leadership & Co-Creation”

With facilitator Lennart Hennig

August 7-13, 2023


  • What is Collective Leadership?
  • How to answer the call to show up fully in service.
  • Co-creating an actual event!
  • Planning, running and hosting a group, the event, and a festival.
  • Facilitating your own unique offering to the world.
  • What are the individual and collective developmental aspect of facilitation?
  • How Integral Theory & Systems Thinking can be applied to group facilitation.
  • What is the Relationship of Separation & Wholeness?
  • The Relational Nature of the Self.
  • Deep Listening as a foundation for facilitating emergent fields.
  • The dialectic of thesis, anti-thesis & synthesis.
  • The architecture of culture and values.
  • Shadow, Archetypes and Projection.
  • Dealing with conflict and identity.
  • Understanding perception.

Module 4

“Integrating Learnings & Standing in Integrity”

With facilitator Elaine Yonge

October 9-15, 2023


  • Integration, reflection and feedback after running the event in module 3.
  • Refining and evolving our ability to listen to the field.
  • How to navigate all the different dimensions of impact on events from land, to venue, to culture, government, country…. And more.
  • Why does temple work matter, how does it impact the world?
  • Unpacking the sensitivity of holding relational spaces for intimacy and connection.
  • Learning how to responsibly facilitate s*x positive group spaces and temples
  • Working with groups of greater and greater numbers while staying connected to what wants to come through the field.
  • When to use or not use framing in the experiences you guide.
  • Sensing readiness in the group field: When is it time to move on?
  • When is containment and direction supportive, and when does it kill aliveness and spontaneity?
  • Receiving information as a facilitator: How to tap into your multi-channel awareness and listening.
  • Nervous system regulation and group field connection.

Module 5

“Activating Group Intelligence, Synergy & Embodied Emergence”

With facilitator Christian Pankhurst

November 27-December 3, 2023


  • Learning to work with the full group field through direct experiencing.
  • Expand your awareness of and skill set around all the areas a group can choose to explore.
  • Creating scenes and inviting experiences for individuals to move through: What are the options? How to know where to move from?
  • Calling on the group field: What are the questions to ask? How to use information exposed in the group to reveal the next steps?
  • Bringing individual gifts into their most advanced expression as offerings to group synergy.
  • Entering phases where the group moves as one field, “emergence”
  • Mastering the art of surrendered leadership, knowing that in each moment there is a voice we want to surrender to and be guided by that in the collective opening.
  • Leverage the power of the amplified field to go deeper with your participants.
  • Learn how and why to work with open systems so that you don't work too hard against old stories, pain and lack of capacity.
  • Discover the power of tribal regulation to meet needs that can only be met in group fields.
  • Learn when to penetrate and when to surrender to The Field.

Online Programme (100 hours)

“Trauma-Informed Facilitation”

Soma Mystica, with facilitator Sigourney Belle

April 17-November 26, 2023


  • The anatomy of the nervous system
  • Science and trauma
  • Trauma Informed Facilitation Skills
  • Designing a trauma informed client intake process
  • How to Identify trauma responses and how to bring a participant back into a state of regulation
  • Understanding complex trauma, PTSD and chronic health issues and how to work with these participants in groups
  • Unashamed- somatics and shame based therapy
  • Somatic Resourcing skills and practices
  • EMDR as a gentle trauma processing therapy practice
  • Pelvic anatomy & learning gentle somatic practices to heal the pelvis including sexual trauma
  • Cross cultural awareness- working with people from different cultural backgrounds & understanding systemic trauma
  • Trauma Informed Business

The Guest Facilitators

Dr Andrea Paige

Dr Andrea Paige

Module 1

Leapt past the “fuck it” barrier, Andi courageously fires forward, charging to defend the cosmic order of our species. Holding higher standards for what it means to be human, she teaches Jedis and machines to become Applied Epigeneticists: the doctors of the future. After a decade-long, highly public career as a Naturopath, directing the wellness center at the largest retreat center in the world, running global fasting retreats and teaching yoga teacher trainings, Andi speaks on the human interface…

How can you improve your relationship with yourself by collecting more data points on your human experience (awareness)? This involves anything from embodiment to interpersonal communication. Andi teaches the things you wish you’d learned in school. Knowing 2020 would be the tipping point of our modern area, Andi founded The Institute For Aliveness, online courses humanity desperately needs, with students from 50+ countries. We have a flagship first-of-it’s-kind accredited Master’s program in Applied Epigenetics.

Andi also runs Physiological Computing - a colony ship, actively programming the future - at the intersection of human physiology & Technology. She joins Rachel in this landmark facilitator training program to continue to uplevel the standards of how we are showing up in holding space for others and seeks to impart hard-earned mastery onto those who are ready to answer the call.

David Cates

Module 2

David Cates has devoted 40 years of his adult life to exploring sex, intimacy and connection. He travels the world as a deeply respected tantra teacher, sexual healer, mentor and beloved elder. His recent explorations involve using tantric embodiment practices to create synchronized group heart fields.

He created the Belly2Belly practice so random strangers can move together into a palpable shared experience of trust and loving connection. David is committed to showing men and women how to tap into the power sources in our own bodies and give birth to new realities.

David Cates

Lennart Hennig

Lennart Hennig

Module 3

Lennart is a growth and leadership facilitator. He explores the edges of individual and collective development through the angles of consciousness, embodiment, safety, trauma, and deep ecology using an integral framework of the whole, undivided cosmos.

His deepest inquiry is the potential we tap into when we dissolve the paradigm of separation that is underneath our identity and our whole culture, and begin embodying and integrating the truth of wholeness into our sense of self and our actions. Accepting and integrating every part of our being, embracing our full human experience and walking towards a state of authenticity and vulnerability from where we recognize the profound interdependency we are a part of.

He is particularly intrigued by the alchemical potential our collective and individual wounding and shadows hold for us, when we start honoring death and darkness as a place of growth and rebirth, and how we can step into a dialectical relationship towards more truth instead of polarization when we take responsibility for an internally regulated somatic sense of safety.

Bringing the principles of liberation, love, and leadership to individuals and organizations wanting to act from their true purpose as a conscious part of the whole is at the core of his work.

Elaine Yonge

Module 4

I am sometimes described by those who experience my offerings as a Celtic blend of a Breathworker, Bodyworker, Spiritual Sexologist and Somatic Scientist.

I sense there is an alchemy to my way of creating processes & spaces that arises from my training in older lineage traditions as a Tantra Educator and a Shamanic Minister; merged and complemented by the modern lineages of Certified Sexological Bodywork, Certified Breathwork Facilitator and her 20 years of clinical practice as a Medical Scientist. I am the founder of Master Your Pleasure, an initiation journey to reconnect to pleasure as an essential medicine & possibility for prayer. I am a Lead Faculty member of The International School of Temple Arts ISTA.

I love to share events & deep immersion experiences around the globe and online, often in 10 or more countries a year. My 'house' is in London, my 'homeland' is Scotland and my home is always changing.

I journeyed for 20 years in research and direct patient care as Medical Scientist with my own clinical practice. I bring this powerful experience of the physical manifestations of dis-ease to my current offerings. I enjoy to bridge the, apparent and illusion of a gap between science and spiritually with love and respect for both.

My passion lies in healing emotional wounds, opening to deeper vulnerable relating, awakening soul & sexual energy, and owning of our authentic personal power & fragility. This often unfolds through integrating sexuality & spirituality via the physical body, energy body, consciousness, mind and soul energies using practical experiential learning and deep transformation ritual space.

Ultimately my desire is for all of us to be more alive in our life. To appreciate and make the most of the opportunities that arise and to face our challenges, pain, shadows, power, desire, fragility, clear & heal our pain, open to love, connection, magic, pleasure, to claim and include our souls journey and to transform whatever is in the away of this we move through our time here in this body, on this planet, at this time.

Elaine Yonge

Christian Pankhurst

Christian Pankhurst

Module 5

Christian Pankhurst is a world-leading authority on heart-centered communication and heart intelligent relationships. He is the creator of the Heart IQ™ Method, a coaching framework that specializes in group dynamics and intimacy development.

Graduating as a Chiropractor in 2002, Christian has worked closely with many world-leading experts in the field of personal transformation. In 2006, after extensive study with mentors from multiple disciplines, he began developing a new approach to coaching individuals and couples that integrates practices from natural healing philosophies, various spiritual teachings, therapeutic psychology, dance and movement modalities, martial arts, embodiment practices, non-violent communication, circling and numerous healing arts disciplines. This grand synthesis provides students with a deep understanding of the human condition and gives them the essential tools they need to help individuals and couples both heal and awaken.

Christian is also the author of 'Insights To Intimacy' - Why Relationships Fail and How To Make Them Work.

Christian lives in the Netherlands at the Heart IQ™ Headquarters - a stunning four-hectare retreat and community center near Groningen. Together with his team, they spread the work of Heart IQ™ around the world.

Sigourney Belle

Online Trauma Certification

Sigourney Belle is the Founder and Director of Soma Mystica, a Globally Accredited and Recognised body of work which has been designed to bridge Therapeutic Trauma Informed Practises and Psychology with Somatics and Spirituality.

With over a decade worth of experience in both the Western Medical System as a Physiotherapist who has specialised in Neurology and Rehabilitation, working with a wide range of Trauma Conditions, from more acute pathologies such as Brain Trauma and Stroke to Chronic conditions like Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia and Conversion Syndrome.

Her studies in Holistic Medicine beyond her work as a Senior Clinical Physiotherapist include Dry Needling, Women’s Health Physiotherapy (currently doing her post graduates) Yoga Therapy, Yin Yoga, Shamanism, Tantra, Tibetan Buddhism, Iridology, Psychotherapy, Kinesiology and more.

She has been offered Research Grants for her work, exploring the link between deep nervous system somatic work, the vagus nerve and the link to microbiome and how these impact trauma - particularly that which is contributing to chronic pain and illness, such as Fibromyalgia and Conversion Syndrome.

She is passionate about bridging worlds, teaching Esoterics, the anatomy of spirit and the mysteries and secrets of the body, which is a gateway to higher states of consciousness & God.

Sigourney Belle


The Assistant Team

Assistants will support all 5 in-person modules and they will join the leadership team as a co-facilitator for one module.

Briana Joi


Briana Dickinson (she/her/they): dancer, choreographer, teacher, poet - is a lover and protector of internal wild landscapes and the sensuous body of Earth. She is among the leading creators in the fields of movement/dance, somatic ecology and embodied regenerative culture.

In 2021, Briana founded Embodying Wild Earth where she directs trainings and workshops in movement/dance and somatic education, relational intimacy, maternal healing, deep ecology and site-integrated performance. Her work cultivates reverence for the Mystery, indigenous wisdom, and generates a deepening interconnectedness with all life through embodied listening and a general slowing down.

Forever living the questions of what it means to be truly human, in sacred communion with life and death across time and space.

Amanda Biccum


Amanda Biccum is an evolutionary coach who pushes against the norm of what is possible in sex, love and relationships.

She has spent the last 7 years traveling the world, gaining insight from ancient eastern spiritual practices and studying with various mentors in the fields of Tantra, Yoga, Qigong, Taoism and other embodiment practices.

Her background is a Certified Holistic Nutritionist and she blends her studies of East and West to support the balance of the masculine and feminine in personal and group coaching practice.

Natalie Keller


Natalie is a doctor, a somatic educator for women and a certified breathwork facilitator for various types of breathwork. She teaches women about menstruation cycle wisdom, misogyny and sick imprints of patriarchal spirituality. She is an activist of discovering the meaning of being human and trust in the wisdom of body language. She graduated with well-known teachers and is dedicated to shame and shadow work.

Another passion of her's is “re-parenting” the being and re-setting old childhood patterns through working with the nervous system, so a big part of this is the facilitation of Belly2Belly. Being in love with amphibians Natalie is a certified IAKP Kambo Advanced Practitioner and an initiated Bufo Alvarius Practitioner.

Natalie facilitates amphibian medicines, breathwork and somatic work 1:1 and in groups for many years in a non-dual embodied way of existence, and she is dedicated to leading women circles to reestablish the real Goddess through re-claiming, remembering and re-connecting with Mother Earth, Nature and the ancestral lines.

Adrien Labaeye


Adrien Labaeye (Dr.) is devoted to crafting individual and collective pathways to transition from “the story of separation” into a path of healing our connection to self and Other, offering bridges from mind to body and spirit, and from human to the more-than-human.

Since 2019 he teaches Movement Medicine, a practice of mindfulness in motion that mobilizes the shamanic powers of our creative and imaginative selves. As an alumnus of the Embodied Intimacy Training as well as the Samothraki Temple Training and Tamera’s Love School, he developed a skilful art in shaping sacred and brave spaces for people to reclaim their erotic life force and personal power. Spaces where everyone is free to embrace the full spectrum of experience from despair to ecstasy, a field where play and prayer collapse in the center.

Adrien has been active for years as an academic and community organizer for reclaiming seeds and food as a commons through his work with the OpenSourceSeeds and Open-Source Bread projects. This work threads strategic community organizing with the joy of baking sourdough bread and developing relationships with seeds.

Sunny Ju


Sunny Ju, founder of De-Armouring Trainings & Retreats, is an international Embodiment Educator and a real Pleasure Activist. With over 20 years of experience in trauma informed Body-, Breath- and Energywork, and working with thousands of clients, Sunny believes that listening to the body is the missing key to soul-satisfying relationships, mind-altering sex, and heart-felt happiness.

With a focus on De-Armouring, Sunny guides groups and individuals through deeply transformational processes, towards breaking free from conditioning, opening up the body and finding peace and joy. Sunny has a background as certified Hypnosis and Hypnoanalysis Therapist, accessing the subconscious mind to heal deep layers of trauma. Her work boils down to developing an integrated approach to the physical and emotional, and nurturing true intimacy as key to connection with self and others.

Sunny’s expertise, depth and clarity, always infused with curiosity and playfulness, are inspirational. She emphasizes authenticity, intuition and vulnerability while deeply feeling and listening to whatever is in the space energetically.

Vaishnavi Brassey


Vaishnavi is a singer of the sacred, a playful voice-worker and a highly-attuned nervous system whisperer.

After a science degree and a career in film and TV production, she was extremely surprised to reconnect with her ancient priestess nature over several years in a large Indian ashram. Through a decade of burnout and chronic illness, she has crawled through some very dark tunnels and found light - leaving her with an unshakeable faith in the phoenix-like nature of the human heart.

Vaishnavi has been sensitively facilitating transformational group work since 2001: from yoga and voice workshops and retreats to Listening School to Deep Work: a 6-month women’s programme for thriving beyond old limits. One of her greatest passion projects was co-creating and launching Embodied Intimacy’s flagship online training ReSource in 2020 - fired by her enthusiasm to share the body of work that has so upgraded her own life.

Relentlessly awestruck by the magical nature of the metamorphosis that occurs within the safe spaces she holds, she is profoundly touched to witness others to deepening back into their most authentic selves and reclaiming their own inner Eden. Although she increasingly lives a fairytale woodland existence—catching songs and talking to trees whilst birds alight on her fingertips—her ongoing practice is rooted in the notion that “Paradise is an inside job”.

Become a Certified Trauma Informed Somatic Guide and Group Facilitator


This training is Globally Accredited through Soma Mystica and the International Institute of Complimentary Therapies and enables you to practice with insurance when you graduate.

The Next Training Starts January 2024

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