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Jan - Dec 2024

Glastonbury, UK 

2024 Dates & Details

"The secret to embodied, emergent facilitation isn’t something you do, it’s something you are."


Rachel Rickards



The Field Facilitator Training

“The Field” is a common phrase used by facilitators to speak into the energy or the vibe of the group.

This year-long facilitator training is an advanced education in studying and working directly (from many different layers, and perspectives) with group fields. Especially those around facilitating transformational group spaces in anything ranging from: relationships, embodiment, therapy, intimacy, tantra, educational trainings, health & wellbeing.

As a part of our coursework, we are offering a unique education that will happen both in person and online in how to recognize and work with trauma. You will leave the program with invaluable skills and practice for bringing every one of your participants totally into the group field.

Completing this program will allow you to confidently bring your gifts out to the world as a trauma-informed somatic group facilitator.

The Field Facilitator Training

The 2023 Facilitation Team

When a group of humans gather, with nervous systems regulated, emotions vibrating, with open-hearts and in service to a greater call...

In these sacred, illuminating and vibrant spaces we create palpable fields of resonance.

This is the timeless space where simple and profound human magic happens.

There are real, basic keys to learning to facilitate group field emergence. These keys range from practical knowledge like creating and setting the space, to the essential how-to’s of utilizing marketing to attract the most resonant audience, all the way to the mystical elements of the land, culture and spirit allies and the subtle use of nervous system awareness and regulation.

What this level of navigation requires is to be able to hold and move from a space beyond ego & personality, rooted in the abundance and goodness of this present moment, while also connected to the unique essence of your soul's calling and unique purpose. Ultimately, guided from a profound attunement to the wisdom of your own body.

The Field Facilitator Training
The Field Facilitator Training
The Field Facilitator Training

Facilitating 'The Field'

Ultimately, facilitating “the field” requires the ability to hold a space that listens with an awareness that is fluid and flowing. Simultaneously it also requires the agility to hold that space with presence, clarity, and strength.

It’s about fully stepping into the frequency in yourself that you want to invite others into. It’s about being able to be vulnerable, surrendered, yet still powerfully holding. One way to describe this is the integration of the masculine and the feminine, or the protective mother and the nurturing father becoming one.

This training is about that. Being all of you. Integrated Wholeness.

In total service of The Field.

In reverence and devotion to something so beyond yourself —something you could never have possibly known would come from the great mysterious unknown at the center of the circle.

What’s required at this depth is the capacity to open a space and vibrate a frequency of love that allows magic to unfold naturally.

When presence permeates, it generates a field of love, and that field of love is what we are in devotion to. That is what’s creating all the Magic.

*(Magic in this context assumes no specific goal other than to come together in service to the emergent mystery).

When humans gather in service of something greater than their own individual egoic desires and superficial ideas, we create the possibility to unify in service to co-create a better world. In the sheer simplicity of this commonly used phrase, "The Field" automatically implies and draws attention to the space we are each connected to through our bodies, but that also exists beyond the boundaries of our skin. This is the very shift that is needed in all our spaces at this time. In order to step into a paradigm that has the capacity to hold a new earth, and the relational evolution we all know is possible we need to attune to the space we are all ultimately connected to, as one.

In these liminal spaces we have the opportunity to take part in a much larger process of spiritual evolution that informs the direction of the future generations by how we show up in relation to ourselves and the collective as they are arising in the group field today.

The Field Facilitator Training

How can you create transformational spaces responsibly--- so that the space is both held enough that everyone in it feels safe to be brave but open enough that everyone feels free to be authentic?

How can you tap into what wants and yearns to come through the space you create with as much purity and clarity as possible?

What is the field of love calling for? How can you attune to that call, and navigate it in resonance with the wisdom arising in your own body?

The Field Facilitator Training
The Field Facilitator Training
The Field Facilitator Training

‍The Field is a year-long facilitator training that will take a group into exactly this mystery:

  • How to facilitate emergent group spaces where hearts and nervous systems can open, synchronize and the group comes alive as an embodied whole.
  • How to learn to listen together to what the group field is inviting, moment to moment, and have the confidence as a facilitator to act on it and be in service to it in real time.
  • How to stay connected to where you want to take a group, and yet also surrender so deeply that it is the intelligence of the field that leads us deeper together rather than one person's agendas.
  • How having a trauma-informed education in group facilitation can both add to and support the process of co-creation and emergent space development.
  • What practical knowledge and support is needed to create a strong enough container for the kind of “Field” any particular facilitator would like to hold space for.

‍If you are either an aspiring or experienced facilitator and you feel called to evolve your craft so you can be in deeper service to the intelligence and power of a group field, consider joining this training!

The Next Training Starts January 2024

If you have a strong YES! to being part of this work, you can begin the application process today to secure your place on next year's training. Alternatively, join the waitlist to stay in the loop until you're ready to apply. 

2024 Dates
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What you can expect

This training is based on the recognition that:

  • Field Facilitation isn’t something that you do. It’s something that you are. As you guide others, you guide them into your state of consciousness. This is both extremely precious and a powerful responsibility that is not to be taken lightly. The impact we have as facilitators has the potential to reach far beyond any one event.
  • The deep skill in facilitation is learning to listen with your whole body to where the group field is inviting you to go next, and then acting on that listening in each moment to that intuitive call. This process begins before participants step into the room. It begins when the inspiration for the event lands in your field of awareness. Then there can be an opening in your body and life as you begin to hold it, feel it, play with it, speak it, dance it, move it and embody it. This dance between the facilitator and the mystery of what wants to unfold is a kind of collaborative lovemaking and the job of a Field Facilitator is to put yourself in service to this emergent process.
  • Having trauma-informed knowledge and an embodied education is important for leadership in the field beyond the reasons of “do no harm.” Trauma-informed facilitators are able to create and hold the depth and level of consciousness necessary for every participant to be fully relaxed and open in their bodies and nervous systems because this is the essential ingredient for creativity to flow.
The Field Facilitator Training
The Field Facilitator Training
The Field Facilitator Training

This training will take you on a journey to learn these skills, and to evolve you into the art of embodied facilitation.

Our experiential education will start with supporting you to connect to the inspiration and creativity of your own soul essence, its unique transmission, and what truly wants to come through you, as authentic facilitation is always an expression of what is most alive for us.

Then the focus will be on how you actually land that in matter on all the practical, physical dimensions - in the most appropriate venue, with resonant marketing, an integrated sales approach, with the perfect participants joining, and how you can fully show up for all these practical elements while making them fun, inspiring and inviting for you and your participants.

With an outstanding line-up of some of the most well-respected leaders in the field, we will take you on an educational journey experiencing the power and potential of what is possible when you learn to speak this language, and communicate through the body in real-time with the emergent field of the group heart.

During Module 3, the training group will have the opportunity to put all of this into practice as we will actually create and facilitate a large-scale event together. This is critical because it is only in the doing that we learn our greatest lessons.

Key to this part of the journey will be the questions:

  • What is my unique gift and transmission to contribute to this event?
  • What are the blocks in the way of me stepping in to fully embody the love that I am?
  • How do we work together to share leadership in service to our unique capacity and offering as a team?
  • What are we in service and devotion to as group leaders opening space for this event?

Following the module of co-creation and leadership, there will be the opportunity to unpack and integrate how the event went, and to explore what are the essential pieces for you to integrate, reflect on and learn from? Also, how do you receive feedback and up-level your facilitation so you can continue to develop yourself in a way where you are clear on your unique transmission, skills and gifts, how to deliver them, and what your personal pieces to work on are.

This will set the foundation for learning to facilitate and enter into true emergence with the group, where you listen, sense and respond to what the field is inviting for the whole process to journey and spiral deeper and deeper.

Our intention is that by the time you complete this training, you will leave with a stronger connection to yourself, your own soul guidance, and how to bring it through your work as a facilitator in a way that will also flow through to touch the personal dimensions of your life, and the transpersonal healing of the world.

The Field Facilitator Training

Once you complete this training you’ll have moved from places in yourself and your facilitation that feel shaky and tender, to one that is sensitized and self-assured, confident and deeply attuned to the fields you work with.

Although this facilitator training is named “The Field” and holds a large focus on embodied emergence within group facilitation work… the intention of this year-long training experience is also broad and far-reaching. The Field facilitator training will give you a basic education in creating and facilitating events responsibly, with the most integrity and for the greatest good possible. Every participant walking away from this training will do so with the tools needed to begin running their own specialized groups.

This training will consist of 5 week-long modules. One of these modules will include a large-scale event (possibly a festival) that the training group will fully produce, run, and facilitate together as a team.

In the weeks between modules the training will continue online with group calls, mentorship calls and special guest teachers and content to support the field to continue to integrate the relevant material unique to this training class.

Full completion of the program consists of:

  • 250 hours of in person group work (5 week-long modules)
  • 100 hours of online work (happens online in between the modules)
Full Curriculum
Practical Details
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In these liminal spaces we have the possibility to take part in a much larger spiritual evolution that informs the direction of the future generations to come by how we show up in relationship to ourselves and to the collective moving through our group field today.

Practical Details for 2024


Module 1: January 24-31, 2024

Module 2: April 25-May 2, 2024

Module 3: August 1-7, 2024

Module 4: October 4-11, 2024

Module 5: December 8-15, 2024


The venue for 2024 is the EarthSpirit Centre, UK.

EarthSpirit Centre is five miles from Glastonbury, UK, and a 60 minute drive from Bristol Airport‍ (BRS).

Address: EarthSpirit Centre, Compton Dundon, Somerton, Somerset, TA11 6PE, UK

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The prices listed below represent the different accommodation options available.
All prices listed include:

• 5 week-long in-person training modules (250 hours)
• All accommodation at Earth Spirit, Glastonbury, UK
• All meals (3x per day)

Accommodation options:

Private Room (Private Bathroom): €10,000
Private Room (Shared Bathroom): €9,750
Double Room (Private Bathroom): €9,500
Triple Room (Private Bathroom): €9,000
Double Room (Shared Bathroom): €8,500
Quadruple Room (Private Bathroom): €8,000
Dorm Room (Shared Bathroom): €7,500

Accommodation options are limited and allocated on a first-come first-served basis.

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The Facilitators

The Field Founder:

Rachel Rickards

Rachel Rickards is an international leader in the field of personal transformation, intimacy, embodiment, and relating. She is a group facilitator extraordinaire, event producer, and a new mother.

In 2014 she and Buster Radvik co-founded Embodied Intimacy, which has become one of the most respected organizations globally that offers trainings and events focussed on intimacy, trauma, relational intelligence, somatic education and community. The work of Embodied Intimacy supports hundreds of people each year to come home to themselves, to their body and more regulated nervous systems, and become more of who they truly are.

Since 2019, Rachel has led the Belly2Belly Facilitator Training after her teacher and mentor, David Cates, passed the torch and CEO position for this work to her. Belly2Belly offers a simple and yet profoundly healing set of embodied and relational practices, which support people to learn to regulate their nervous systems in a way that can be transformational for their relationships. Rachel has single handedly produced and facilitates most of the events with her extraordinary superpowers in the field of event planning and depth in embodied leadership.

Rachel’s newest passion project launching this year is “The Field Facilitator Training.” This is a revolutionary new experiential learning environment for upcoming group facilitators who are passionate about creating fields of deep group-heart coherence and learning how to facilitate group soul emergence. This requires the development of radically new facilitation skills, such as learning to listen to the group field, collective surrender to the moment, as well as dynamic and fluid collective leadership to support the blossoming of the group soul that is longing to emerge in the space between us.

Christian Pankhurst

Christian Pankhurst is a world-leading authority on heart-centered communication and heart intelligent relationships. He is the creator of the Heart IQ™ Method, a coaching framework that specializes in group dynamics and intimacy development.

Graduating as a Chiropractor in 2002, Christian has worked closely with many world-leading experts in the field of personal transformation. In 2006, after extensive study with mentors from multiple disciplines, he began developing a new approach to coaching individuals and couples that integrates practices from natural healing philosophies, various spiritual teachings, therapeutic psychology, dance and movement modalities, martial arts, embodiment practices, non-violent communication, circling and numerous healing arts disciplines. This grand synthesis provides students with a deep understanding of the human condition and gives them the essential tools they need to help individuals and couples both heal and awaken.

Christian is also the author of 'Insights To Intimacy' - Why Relationships Fail and How To Make Them Work.

Christian lives in the Netherlands at the Heart IQ™ Headquarters - a stunning four-hectare retreat and community center near Groningen. Together with his team, they spread the work of Heart IQ™ around the world.

David Cates

David’s passion is listening to bodies.

In nearly 50 years of teaching about sex, intimacy and connection, David has become an outspoken advocate for slowing things down and learning from our bodies in real time, breath by breath.

He’s guided thousands through unresolved trauma in their own nervous systems, using his profoundly simple Belly2Belly practices in workshops, trainings and private sessions around the world.

His specialty is generating deep experiences of trust, safety and loving connection between lovers, friends, parents and children, and most surprisingly, even random strangers.

Beyond individuals, he’s been expanding these explorations into groups, helping to create synchronized, coherent group heart-fields in gatherings and crowds. In Rachel Rickards “The Field Facilitator Training”, he’s teaching a new generation of group facilitators the secrets of leading from the inside out, listening to the wisdom of the group body, and speaking from vulnerable connection.

It seems inevitable that, as he approaches his seventies, David would also turn his attention toward dying. How can we help ease loved ones towards a peaceful death? How can we collectively grieve and honor the world that’s dying around us?

As always, the answers are right here, in our bodies, if we slow down and listen.

Catherine Hale

Catherine Hale is an expert nervous system coach, educator and inspirational guide who, since 2012, has been creating powerful spaces for change-making and heart centred facilitators for deep personal and collective transformation.

She is passionate about empowering individuals to foster growth and emerge as leaders within a culture of care that not only comprehends but also reveres the profound ramifications of personal and systemic trauma, as well as the intricacies of neurodivergence.

In her transformative programs, Catherine equips leaders to embody and lead from the sacred principles of a culture of care. These principles empower them to respond with sensitivity and compassion to the diverse tapestry of needs, paces, nervous systems, and human experiences that thrive within group dynamics.

As an advocate for regenerative and feminist business she’s dedicated to the task of identifying and compassionately reducing the harm caused by systems of oppression in the way we conduct our business relationships. Her desire to create a more equitable and nurturing realm of business is embodied in her group and 1:1 coaching programs which aim to foster positive change and to heal the wounds of injustice.

Catherine's wisdom doesn't come from theory alone. She leads with compassion borne from her own personal journey - a lifelong quest to heal from the complexities of complex PTSD and learning to navigate the challenges of being neurodivergent in a neurotypical world.

Trained as a Trauma Resolution Coach and Certified Sexological Bodyworker, along with: energy healing, shamanic, psychological, transpersonal, and nature connection modalities Catherine lovingly weaves a nurturing and empathic web of care into every interaction with her clients and groups. It's her way of ensuring that everyone she touches feels seen, supported, and truly valued.

When presence permeates, it generates a field of love.

That field of love is what we are in devotion to. That is what’s creating all the Magic.

This dance between the facilitator and the mystery of “it” is a kind of collaborative lovemaking. The role of a Field Facilitator is to put yourself in service to this emergent form. This training is carefully designed to enable you to do exactly that.

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The Field Facilitator Training 2024 Curriculum Outline

The Field Facilitator Training consists of 5 in-person, week-long modules (250 hours) and an online educational program (100 hours) taking place January - December 2024. Each Module is led by 3 lead facilitators and supported by a team of specialists.

Each module will be a combination of engaging lectures, experiential exercises, lively discussions, collaborative group activities, practical training, and enriching practice sessions. Together, these diverse experiences will sculpt you into a skilled and confident facilitator, unveiling the art of transformative group dynamics and field facilitation. 

Module 1

Anchoring yourself as Facilitator

Discovering your Essence, Purpose & Wholeness

Residential Module: Glastonbury, UK | January 24-31, 2024

  • Introduction to "The Field Facilitator Training" Framework
  • Exploring Subtle Energies in Facilitation
  • Creating a Robust Group Field Container
  • Deep Listening and Emergent Fields
  • Establishing Agreements, Values & Boundaries
  • Reflecting on your Facilitator's Journey
  • Trauma-Informed Foundational Elements: Regenerative Self-Care

Module 1.5

Foundations of Trauma Transformation 

Understand trauma from the perspective of soulful physiology

Online Module | Between Modules 1 & 2: February 1 - April 24, 2024 (12 weeks)

  • Embodied Understanding of the Nervous System
  • Exploring Trauma and Polyvagal Theory
  • Tools for Trauma Work and how to prevent Retraumatization
  • Understanding the essential role of Neuroplasticity in anchoring change

Module 2

The Group Heart

Creating the Relational Field 

Residential module: Glastonbury, UK | April 25- May 2, 2024

  • Attuning to Your Body and Facilitating Openness
  • Real-Time Facilitation: Group Energy Navigation
  • Surrendering to Collective Intelligence
  • Techniques for Opening Hearts, Bodies and Minds
  • Enhancing Connection to and coherence of "The Field”
  • Nervous System Awareness and Subtle Dynamics
  • Utilising Tribal Regulation for Coherence & Attunement
  • Fostering Resonant Group Heart Fields
  • Navigating Relational Nature of the Self

Module 2.5

Workshop & Event Creation 

Activating the Soul Gift of the Facilitator 

Online Module | Between Modules 2 & 3: May 3 - July 31, 2024 (12 weeks) 

  • Soulful Event Creation and Mastering Logistics
  • Shared Leadership and Empowerment
  • Unique Offerings and Team Collaboration

Module 3

Collaboration, Co-creation & Leadership

Facilitating Emergent Group Spaces

Residential Module: Glastonbury, UK | August 1-7, 2024

  • Planning and Facilitating our Live Co-created Event
  • Keys to Group Field Emergence
  • Balancing Ego and Soul’s Calling
  • Exploring Collective Leadership
  • Guiding Unified Emergence Phases

Module 3.5

Integrating Learnings 

Harvesting our shared experience of event creation and co-facilitation

Online Module | Between Module 3 & 4: August 8 - September 3, 2024 (8 weeks) 

  • Integration and Reflection on Event Experience
  • Receiving Feedback and Team Dynamics
  • Core Competencies, Ethics, and Conflict Resolution

Module 4

Standing in Power & Leading with Integrity 

Residential Module: Glastonbury, UK | October 4-11, 2024

  • Navigating Challenges for Growth
  • Understanding Group Dynamics
  • Ritual and Temple Work
  • Sensitivity in Facilitating Connections
  • Applying Facilitation Skills in Life
  • Exploring Sound and Music in Facilitation
  • Importance of Trust in Vulnerable Leadership

Module 4.5

Creating a Foundational Business Map & Plan 

Define and outline a clear scope of how to turn soul passion into a business plan 

Online Module | Between Modules 4 & 5: October 12 - December 7, 2024 (8 weeks) 

  • Defining Soul-Driven Purpose and Core Offerings
  • Building Unique Client Journeys and Business Ecosystem
  • Aligning Business with Nature and Rhythms

Module 5

Embodied Emergence, Group Intelligence, Authentic Business & Marketing 

Residential Module: Glastonbury, UK | December 8-15, 2024

  • Mastering Authentic Business and Marketing
  • Embodied Speaking and Leadership
  • Navigating Shadow Work for Growth
  • Facilitating Emergence and Group Wisdom
  • Aligning Soul Guidance with Marketing

Woven through ALL modules

Trauma-Informed Educational Elements 

Relational and trauma-informed space-holding

  • Designing Trauma Preventative Containers
  • Nurturing a Secure Internal and External Environment for Healing
  • Developing Body-First Practices
  • The Essence of Safety: Embodied Skills and Language
  • Harnessing Nervous System Awareness, Regulation, and Resilience.
  • Navigating Power, Authority, and Responsibility 
  • Regenerative Business Skills
  • Values-Led Marketing and Healing Shame
  • Transforming Money Heartbreak to Money Intimacy
  • Inclusive Embodiment: Addressing Diversity and Neurodivergent Needs
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